Turbocharge your business with
Spontaneous Solutions
Spontaneous Solutions workshops and seminars can be customized to meet your individual needs and objectives. We offer real results for any company looking to increase its productivity, sales, and/or quality of service by providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today's continually changing business environment. Call or email us today to schedule a no obligation demo!

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We look forward to taking you to the next level

of creativity and productivity!!

Spontaneous Solutions delivers dynamic business tools using applied improvisation. These fun, improvisational exercises are a means for getting results – real, tangible results that will:

In addition to being extremely enjoyable, our games and exercises generate

a highly-charged atmosphere of creative productivity. Our workshops will leave

the participants mentally charged and ready to tackle any objective with a new

energy and enthusiasm.

Spontaneous Solutions has four dynamic programs

to suit your business needs:

  1.   Expand and enhance problem-solving skills

  2.   Create more options for specific projects

  3.   Achieve specific business goals

  1.   Beta Brain Workout. This series of mental exercises is great for gearing up for meetings or getting rid of the “after lunch slowdowns.” It is particularly effective for departments that use creativity in developing their work product. It is also excellent for any group of employees who are learning a new business application or want a fresh approach to a standard business model.

  1.   Project Power Workshop. A workshop for advertisers, promoters, and new product developers. This workshop focuses on specific goals and works with participants to help them create a new project, or optimize and promote an existing one. Tangible results are seen by the end of the first session.

  1.   The Power of “Yes, and ...” An exciting and transformative workshop for salespeople and those involved in any facet of business that includes face-to-face communication. Participants will learn and practice a powerful tool for connecting with others. This skill will assist in establishing immediate bonds and increase the potential for long-term relationships and referrals.

  1.   Public Speaking. No more clammy hands and weak knees! We take the fear out of public speaking, whether it be a presentation, a seminar, conducting conferences, or simply feeling comfortable in a group situation. Learn how to enjoy speaking before others in a safe, supportive, fun workshop. We teach you the basics of good storytelling: building a compelling arc to your presentation, conveying your passion for your subject, and how to personalize and give the gift of your presentation.