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Our recent workshops include:

Malibu Senior Center - Malibu, CA

The Joslyn Adult Center (City of Burbank) - Burbank, CA

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center (Seniors Group) - Los Angeles, CA

Olive Recreation Center (City of Burbank) - Burbank, CA

Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center (City of Los Angeles) - Los Angeles, CA

Mount Washington Association - Los Angeles, CA

EngAGE - Burbank, CA

Mountainview Retirement - Montrose, CA

The Piedmont Senior Apartments - N. Hollywood, CA

South Pasadena Senior Center - South Pasadena, CA


“Our participants loved Gymnasium For The Mind! What a delightful, fun way to mentally stay in shape. Thank you, Robert and Michael, for a great program.”

    - Pam Forrest, Activities Coordinator

      Seniors Services Department, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

“These exercises have helped me so much. You guys are so patient and passionate about what you are teaching. Thank you so much for this workshop!”

- L.C., Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center

"Gymnasium For The Mind is well worth the time spent for its content, community bonding, collaboration, conciseness, and cogency. It would appear that I am suggesting a 'C' rating. No way!! A+ all the way!!"

    - G.W., Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center

"After only a few weeks, I’m already much more 'mindful' of my reactions and responses to what were previously robotic responses. I came to realize that my unconscious reactions were conditioned and did not always serve me well. I now look and respond to my old triggers differently. I am actually calmer and more alert."

    - L.E., Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center

“Unexpectedly challenging. Thanks “

    - J.J., South Pasadena Senior Center

“An excellent consciousness raising experience. I'll sign up for the next series.”

    - W.D., South Pasadena Senior Center

“Excellent format; very beneficial & FUN!”

    - H.J., South Pasadena Senior Center

“The workshop was fun and no one ever felt inadequate. To the contrary, the instructors made us all feel at ease. Great lasting benefits!”

    - M.O., South Pasadena Senior Center

"... the activities are very engaging."

    - E.T., The Joslyn Adult Center

“It was stimulating, motivating, and fun - and it did challenge me.”

    - L.M., LAG&L Center

“This is a wonderful experience ... I look forward to coming back each week.”

    - C.R., LAG&L Center

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