Creativity in Business

We all possess an imagination and a certain amount of creativity. And we know that they can be used in many areas of business, including, but not limited to: product development, advertising, and promotions.

But did you know that the amount of creativity that we currently possess can be increased? And through the use of proven methods, that creativity can be applied to the way we approach any business objectives?

When creativity is applied to a business model, the goal is to transform that initial spark into innovation - the ability to take an imaginative idea and apply it in a practical way to a business objective. This is at the heart of what we do at Spontaneous Solutions.

These workshops are focused on specific exercises to increase creativity. We start with free-style exercises to get everyone into a creative state of mind. We then proceed to focus more and more on the type of creativity most useful in a business environment. Finally, we tackle objectives that are specific to your company’s goals. We give you the tools to use every time you are called on to come up with ideas and take them to an innovative conclusion.

During these entertaining and stimulating workshops and seminars, you will learn to:

  1.   develop your imagination and listening skills

  2.   turn the result of this spontaneous thinking into viable business applications

  3.   harness the power and potential of a focused imagination

  4.   increase your ability to listen and to make innovative contributions

  5.   generate viable viewpoints and solutions to everyday, on-the-job challenges

Spontaneous Solutions techniques can be used for general creativity enhancement, or a specific project can be worked on in our workshops. For example, Spontaneous Solutions can guide you through exercises which enable you to focus on the salient objectives of a company promotion, and discover alternative ways to achieve those objectives that will generate the most buzz for your budget.  This workshop is for anyone who has ever said, “Gee … I wish I’d thought of that!”

The exercises are also useful in the development of new business models and ideas, such as restructuring and acquisitions.

Topics include:

  1. Creative Exploration - the magic “What if ...?”

  2. Using your senses to find a different point of view

  3. Identifying and pursuing clear objectives

  4. Brainstorming - cooperation and idea-building

  5. How to stimulate a dynamic flow of ideas in a group setting

  6. Productive group dynamics

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