The benefits of working with Spontaneous Solutions

In today's highly competitive environment, the business professional is constantly being asked to discover solutions to business obstacles and find fresh approaches to outmoded procedures, employing solutions that provide real-world innovations to the business of doing business. Yet how many people actually know how to do this?

It has been said that “innovation is the conversion of ideas into profits.” But innovation does not come about by accident. Spontaneous Solutions has developed unique techniques for consistently coming up with fresh ideas, as well as exercises to wake up the brain to new and unexplored methods which provide measurable assets to your sales, promotion, and/or development departments.

Spontaneous Solutions offers individual consultation as well as group workshops and seminars on creativity, motivation, and expanded sales tools, with an emphasis on their practical application to business professionals.

Those who attend our workshops will have a hands-on opportunity to take part in specific exercises designed to bring them into a creative state where practical solutions, large and small, are easy to access and fun to express.

For the creative aspects of your business, Spontaneous Solutions teaches how to initiate and stimulate the imagination, bringing participants to a level of highly inventive thinking where ideas and concepts are encouraged to flow easily. We show you how to synthesize group ideas into a cohesive and innovative result that achieves or surpasses the business objective.

For your sales department we offer seminars and workshops that are designed specifically to help the salesperson form enduring customer relationships rather than simply concentrating on an immediate sale. These techniques add to the salesperson's skill in building a strong and loyal client base.

For anyone who does public speaking, whether before a large group or in meetings and presentations before co-workers, Spontaneous Solutions’ techniques enable the speaker to be more relaxed, organized, and natural, while maintaining a consistently interesting flow to the material. These workshops provide a safe and supportive environment for learning and practicing the skills necessary for effective communication.

Our workshops and seminars help you rise above the competition by generating exciting ideas that will position your company on the leading edge of innovation. Spontaneous Solutions will show you how to move to the next level - and beyond.